by Blackie


I simply loved the laugh at the end. If this was the last episode, I am happy the last thing we heard was JR’s laugh. Finally, John Ross got to shine.

The breakdown scene in the elevator. It felt like it has been building since the start of the second half allowing him to transition into that heartless bastard in the final scene.
John Ross walking out of the company with Judith Light knowing he has the upper hand on Bobby and Sue Ellen
Everyone having to thank him. That must have been tough for them.
Him carrying the flowers and box of candy. Nice touch reminding us of the old John Ross.
John Ross and Emma. I like them as platonic friends. Reminded me of Mandy and JR.
John Ross and Pamela in the SF foyer. Classic Dallas Ewing dysfunctional marriage scene.

I appreciate the irony of Pamela’s predicament. Stuck in a marriage to a man she loves but can not stand at the same time. Part of a family she has antipathy towards. The gloating was so Sue Ellen only to find out she does not have the upper hand. If she wants control of the company, she needs John Ross more than he needs her at this time. Her actions are still being dictated by her passions for John Ross. Moving back to SF. Helping him with Nassir. Even being in bed with Nassir was to make John Ross jealous. If she wants out of this marriage and she hates John Ross why are her actions suggesting otherwise. The best moments for Pamela were the quiet ones when John Ross was held hostage. It was looks of worry and love. Even when John Ross returned, the disappointment in her expressions. Only if these two could get past their pride but it is train wreck happening.

Bobby/Ann/Harris/Tracey triangle is one I can care less about.

Nicholas is a sick bastard. Don’t care about Elena. Why are these two still on the show?

The car exploding was so anti-climatic. Reminded me of the car exploding on Pam.