*Stops twerking for subtle discussion*

I’m not even mad at Azealia for Heavy Metal and Reflective because it goes awfff the hinges into the atmosphere of stellar twerking and thats what we got and thats how she described the song on her twitter and i’m happy because that won’t be the only sound on BWET she also said there would be “Opera, Jazz, Hip-Hop, House, Hardstyle, Merengue, Pop, nd Soul” so get ready for some a masterpiece that will leave you edgeless on glory.

*Goes back to twerking*




From werewolf to witch!

The Originals has cast Teen Wolf fan favorite Daniel Sharman in a major season two role, E! News has exclusively learned. Go on, take a moment to process the awesomeness of this casting news. We’ll wait. Got all your squealing out? OK, let’s move on! 

So who will Sharman, who is also known for his work in feature films such as Immortals and The Last Days of  Edgar Harding, be playing on the CW hit when it returns for its sophomore season? Kaleb, the handsome, devilish and charming new witch in the French Quarter’s coven. 

Intent on wreaking havoc, wooing women and causing as much chaos as possible, Kaleb has been deeply wounded by a horrific family upbringing and covers his emotional bruises with a wicked sense of humor, as well as a wicked temper. When you’re on his good side, there’s no better party. Get on his bad side? Well, you’ll regret it.